Skript is (surprise, surprise) a scripting plugin for Bukkit platform. It is easy to use for simple tasks, but yet you can create really complex things with it. The syntax of Skript is close to English, but it is still not magic. While for simple tasks you might succeed with experimentation, for anything more complex you will need some guidance.

This is the Skript documentation. You will find all supported features of Skript plugin here. You might also find some useful examples, in case you need more than what was shipped with Skript distribution. We do not currently have tutorials here, but you can find good ones using whatever search engine you prefer.

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We are looking for docs authors! Currently, the only documentation is generated automatically. It would be nice to have some hand-written content such as tutorials on the docs as well. For example, currently we don't have a tutorial on how to use loops here; This makes it harder for newcomers to learn. Check this issue for more details and if you're interested in helping out.